PlayStation Home Version 1.60 Is Here

This Thursday, December 8th, we will release the latest update to the PlayStation Home client. PlayStation Home version 1.60 delivers a wealth of improvements and updates to the core client, not the least of which is a doubling of the item placement limit in personal spaces! Here’s a look at what’s coming to you as part of PlayStation Home v1.60:

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Persistantthug2444d ago

On one hand it's good they're taking so much care with HOME, even though I don't use it all that much....

But on the other hand, every time I go to use it, and every time I turn around, there's some new update.
Catch 22 I suppose.

But I'm glad HOME is doing well.

Pentumsmart2444d ago

Might just start it up some time soon. Last time was probably almost 2 years ago.

DJMarty2444d ago

Why update home you say?

Why not, it's makes income for Sony, which pays for PSN.

El_Barto2444d ago

I haven't used Home in ages, last time I was on it all of these people were chasing after female avatars and everyone else was just being racist and acting stupid.

kikizoo2443d ago

Stop pretending you have a ps3 dumb trolliar, new xfanboy multiaccount.

by the way, your comment "Great sales for a great game! Modern Warfare 3 has turned out to be my favorite in the franchise." is hilarious.

El_Barto2443d ago

This is my first account here, just because I enjoy Call Of Duty and think MW3 is the best in the series makes me a xbox fanboy how?

Nice one bubble though kiddo.

Fylus2443d ago

El_Barto, if you keep this up, you'll be around the one bubble area too.

Omar912444d ago

They update home more then they do the xmb.... give me a new sleek look!

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