From a Folklore player's dream to Game Republic's reality

Months ago, Sony held a contest asking gamers in North America and Europe to create a custom creature for Folklore. Game Republic chose the fire-fearing, poison spore cloud dropping, Malion as the first place winner from Europe. In the future, the Malion will be released in a downloadable content pack just like Quasarilli, the original monster from the North American contest. It isn't often when gamers get a chance to permanently influence their favorite games, so kudos to Game Republic and Sony for thinking of a clever way to take get Folklore fans involved.

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Daver3943d ago

that was a really cool contest and a good idea

Nanisimo3943d ago

A really good idea and a good result...

THX71683943d ago

You've obviously never played Folklore. I doubt you even own a PS3.

KidMakeshift3943d ago

It's taking an awfully long time for them to release the Folklore add-on packs

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