We Sing: Rock Review ( "When I took a look at it recently, I concluded that the last update in Nordic Games’ dependable Wii karaoke series, UK Hits, was perhaps the best refinement of their product so far. There were a few tweaks made and some winning new modes of play introduced, making it the best way to embarrass yourself vocally for the console.

If I had a criticism about the game then it was down to the lack of downloadable songs, something which has never been a problem for other music party games, which I do not need to mention. To negate this, Nordic regularly release updated versions of the game, with a whole bunch of new songs. The latest of these promises a trip to the leather clad dark side, a journey through caterwauling six-string assaults on the ears, of throaty screams and piercing shrieks. Yes indeed, this is We Sing: Rock. “It’s time to sing like a rock God!” says the blurb. Does it provide us with enough pure unadulterated rock to satisfy our primal urges?"

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