Battlefield 3: Back To Karkand DLC Map Pack Review

NowGamer delves into Battlefield 3's first DLC map pack, Back To Karkand, to review the selection of new maps and additional content...

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Crystallis2267d ago

Wake Island is just an outstanding map.

soundslike2267d ago

its only ok compared to the others imo. That map is just overused, I've seen it far too much.

1. Sharqi Penisula
2. Karkand
3. Gulf of Oman
4. Wake Island

ikkokucrisis2267d ago

I'm still miffed why they didn't release this for free for everyone that actually bought this game.

This map pack would be the only reason to get my BF2 friends to play this game. Unfortunately its $15 on top of the base game price, what a joke!

KillerPwned2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

I try to play on these maps all the time and when I search for them no servers ever come up :(

On PC that is....

ian722267d ago

Its only released on PS3 at moment, 360/PC is next week.

Cosmit2267d ago

I found that if your playing in a server that is currently on a B2K map, and then switches over to a regular BF3 map once its over, the server would get empty quick! Lol. Its understandable though. Everyone wants to try out the new maps.

Hufandpuf2267d ago

and that the vanilla maps suck compared to the remade ones.

Hufandpuf2267d ago

anyone notice in the Sharqi gameplay video, the minimap was improved? It looks great!

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