Killer Instinct May Very Well Be Coming From NetherRealm Studios

In light of prior rumors it looks as if NetherRealm has 3 suprise games in store for us.

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-Mika-2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

After that unbalanced mess they called a fighting game. Im Definitely not buying another fighting game from them.Just leave the fighting games to the Japanese. Seriously go play MK than go play SF4, mvc3, blazblue, Doa, or tekken. You would see a huge jump in quality.

CrimsonEngage2293d ago

You mean the game that sold over 3 Million units and is the top fighting game of 2011? Yea... must be pretty bad. /s

-Mika-2293d ago

Ok and most people bought that game because of the hype. When you look at the core gameplay and compare it to other fighters. It a horrible fighting game.

Godmars2902293d ago

Why is it that an argument of quality is brought up, sales numbers are brought up as if they matter?

Captain Qwark 92293d ago

actually most people i know who bought it, got it becuase it was/is one of the best fighting games around. maybe its not as deep as some of the jap fighters but its an absolute blast to play and has an outstanding sp and tons of extra modes.......more than MVC3 or SF can say

Silly gameAr2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

It's just the new trend Godmars, though I do disagree with Mika. I think the MK reboot is awesome.

I also think NR would do Killer Instinct justice. I kind of hope this is true.

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DaveMan2293d ago

I enjoyed it. The best fighting game I played this whole year (personally). I've played the other superior "japanease" games you mentioned, and I would hardly consider it a high jump in quality...

But whatev...your opinion and all that shit.

gamingdroid2293d ago

I'm not a fan of the recent MKs so, please have somebody else do Killer Instinct!

nyobzoo2293d ago

yea, after playing MK9 probably not picking it up any of their fighters anytime soon.

-Mika-2293d ago

I know how you feel but don't let it get to you. Street fighter X Tekken is looking awesome.

DaveMan2293d ago

I don't. All the disagrees are probably a good sign of other people as well.

swishersweets200312293d ago

i agree with what you posted originally as well. The game was a huge hype machine. The game itself is fun, it has its flaws but it is fun and it was a good start point to start fresh again. But the balancing of this game seemed to be geared towards tom brady and the tournament crowd and then it still wasnt very good. You can go online now on the ps3 and the sheer lack of people on it is startling compared to when it first launched back in april. To this day the online is still as laggy and buggy as it was when it started, not as bad, but still it didnt get the support i thought it was going to get. It was a quick cash grab and see ya later, lets pump out mk10.

SignifiedSix2293d ago

If this does happen, i hope they don't F it up. Killer Instinct was one of the best fighters back then. Fulgore! lol

Majin-vegeta2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )


Yea would love them to get a hold of this ip but i doubt M$ would do it.

SignifiedSix2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

That's right. Doesn't rare own the IP? I cant remember if they do or not. :o

Oh, and that was a badass video. Damn, i lost :( lol

Yodagamer2293d ago

@signifiedsix midway and rare co developed the first one, so mid way might have had rights to it before they bankrupted

dragonelite2293d ago

Ms could outsource it to them.

n4f2293d ago

T.J Combo
but the thing is I hope they dont make exclusive character cause that would suck major donkey ass
and what I want from this game is simple:
from triple combo to KiIing Combo(more if possible)
all the main character from previous game
ULTRA- Ultra- Ultra- ultra
ultimate -ultimate ultimate
and of course C-c-c-combo breaker

since they are doing both game why not make a killer instinc vs mortal kombat. not only millions of nostalgic (myself include) will buy it but you get the best fighting game ever.

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WildStyles2293d ago

I loved the series growing up. NetherRealm did manage to make Mortal Kombat relevant again so I'd like to see what they do with this.

lifesanrpg2293d ago

Nice!!! Can't wait. Is this what NetherRealm hinted at earlier? Does anyone remember that tweet?

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