PixelPerfectGaming: Shinobi - Review

PixelPerfectGaming writes: The Shinobi series has been on hiatus for a long time. The last official game in the series was Shinobi Nightshade for Playstation 2, and while the game tried to revive the franchise, gamers were frustrated by the combo system and dodgy camera angles.

Shinobi for Nintendo 3DS marks the return of the Musashi family and the introduction of Jiro Musashi, the father of Joe Mushasi (the protagonist of earlier Shinobi games). While the plot is thin, the story keeps it simple: a group of ninjas attack Jiro’s ancient hometown. Without hesitation, Jiro springs into action to find the source of the attack, but instead gets swallowed up by a time vortex. This sets the stage for Shinobi and the locations he will visit during his adventure.

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