Star Wars: The Old Republic Client Now Available for Download

The Early access of Star Wars: The Old Republic is only a few days away and the client is a rather heavy beast, weighing about 27 Gigabytes. That’s why those that don’t have the most lightning fast internet connection may want to get a head start and start downloading the client now.

The good news is that they can, as Bioware made the client available for download.

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Grave2441d ago

Darn, really?!? Mine wont let me downlaod it. I have it in my favs in orgin, but Download Now can't be highlighted. weak!

Grave2441d ago

Never mind I am a dum-dum. Had to go onto and go to my account. Downloading!!!

awi59512441d ago

And before anyone says oh this game needs bluray i downloaded the 20 plus gig game in 8 hours while i slept and i have crap internet. Pc doesnt need bluray.