Wal-Mart to offer PS3 40GB with free $50 gift card

Wal-Mart stores this week will offer Sony Corp.'s 40GB Playstation 3 SKU with a free $50 gift card according to an internal employee memo.

The offer will be part of a storewide Secret In-Store Special promotion from Dec. 7 to Dec. 8.

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PS3 Limps on and on3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

Like I said, they need to sell around half of what XBOX 360 sells.

No need to disagree with me. I'm just saying the f*cken truth.

ruibing3820d ago

I liked the old deal of a free Blu Ray remote and copy of Uncharted better.

jackdoe3820d ago

Ten blu-ray deal was better IMO. Even if you don't want them, if you choose good titles, you could sell them for $20 a pop and get your PS3 for $200.

aiphanes3820d ago

Its really $349.99 for a 40 GB PS3....remmember you still get 5 free bluray movies...

gamesblow3820d ago

I thought we weren't suppose to advertise here? Or is that just when I post buy 1 get 1 free blu-ray deals? Lousy fuggin' Hypocrites.

celticlonewolf3820d ago

I actually think that the sale goes on the 8 of dec from 8am till 12am cant remember the print out in work. I also think they be running some other deal later in the 360 to just talk though nothing fixed.

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