More Issues Trouble the New Xbox 360 Dashboard Launch

Reports of bricked consoles and Xbox LIVE connection issues plague the Dashboard's launch.

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darthv722419d ago

that is understandable as of last night when millions of users were getting the update. I was kicked off several times while trying to view the new zune marketplace.

I go on it this morning and things were rock solid and no delays. 50+ million users is allot to feed from one table.

Yeah I know maybe not ALL 50+ million were doing the update but there sure were quite a few million at least.

As of 6am Pacific time there were no connectivity issues (for me anyway) in Sacramento California.

videoxgamexfanboy2419d ago

Im not to sure i like the new update. I re downloaded netflix and zune and both times my 360 froze up. I do like the bing search with kinect tho. Maybe i need to play with it a lil more.

SnakeCQC2418d ago

i haven't had any problems but still have the glitch than when i turn my monitor off my 360 resets the second i turn the monitor back on its soooo annoying

Animal Mutha 762418d ago

Bloody scaremongering. Must be a slow news day.

A few people will always have an issue its no biggy. Minor connection issues and MS are being good and keeping everyone informed. They do well to roll out 35Mill+ updates in this time.

I've had beta and now retail dash versions on my 2 machines and so far so good.