Sarcastic Gamer questions Toshiba's HD-DVD add-ons

Toshiba's new HD-DVD player includes a feature that's left more than a few people scratching their heads.

Ftom the story: "Thanks to Toshiba's genius foresight of including ethernet ports on all HD-DVD players (unlike Blu-ray), people who own the same HD-DVD movie will now be able to sync their players over the internet and enjoy watching a movie together with that special someone who is miles away without ever leaving the comfort of their dark, depressing bedroom."

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Maddens Raiders3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

for all of the *wrong reasons.

-- “Gather your own army of fellow wizards for a live community screening party. Invite other owners of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix HD DVD to simultaneously watch from their own internet-accessed players and text with your remote, PC or cellphone. When you host an invitation-only viewing, you control the film by pausing and playing the feature on everyone’s machine. You can chat live with your friends as you watch.” --

Thanks for the laugh though. 8D

kewlkat0073795d ago

enjoying your PS3, I hope or watching movies well ya know what I mean...hehe

Told ya that Randy Moss trade would pay dividends..

17-0 baby!!!

And on this Artilce: Like "D^ck Vitale" would say.. it's all about the features..Baby

beoulve3795d ago

Yeah feature of the nerd. That's what the article about. Seriously, Can't you see the picture???

Bathyj3795d ago

Now with more credibility than Gamespot.

blackmagic3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

What's funny is listening to a bunch of gamers actually calling others nerds! I'm sorry but there are a LOT more movie watchers in the world than there are gamers and I can guarantee that most of them raise their eyebrows and start to giggle everytime they hear 'gaming nerds' talking about 'plasmids and big daddies' or 'Snake in his Octocamo suit dueling foes Crying Wolf, Raging Raven, Screaming Mantis, and Laughing Octopus'.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a gamer and I understand the references but most people don't and the line of commentary made by some above me is ridiculously laughable and fabulously ironic!

The truth is that many people, especially those with the 'smaller' 46" and below screens can't tell the difference between HD media and a DVD playing on a decent upscaling DVD player. These people will NEED to see new features that DVD can't do to get them to upgrade. I wouldn't even be surprised to learn that in the future, PQ and AQ were the 2nd or 3rd reasons on the list prompting many people to upgrade following things like community features or the ability to chat, share information or participate in live discussions for example. Who knows what other special features will emerge from the feature sets of these new players. Some yet to emerge feature may end up being the REAL catalyst that eventually drives HD Media.

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season0073795d ago

sometimes i do think PIP and other features of HDDVD maybe good for some movie lovers....but this is useless pos..who would want to watch a movie and let someone else pause it for you when you dont even know when will it happen

Relientk773795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

the picture was not changed :-/ even tho it does not fit the article

goldenxbox3795d ago

A great feature that lets you play movies all over the world, and connect them online & offline is a great additon !!!

This is great news for the future of gaming and for the Xbox360 !!

I feel that HD-DVD will continue to provide greatness for all especially with new movies from Universal !!!

fury3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I hope you're not being serious or else I'll seriously have to worry about you.

edit: errr..."great news for the future of gaming"...what?

Bathyj3795d ago

I dont like how many times you said great.

pacman6153795d ago

to sell more hd dvd drives...and btw since his logic is blu ray has no ethernet ports...then what does my ps3 have on it then genius? i guess blu ray could do that as well on the ps3, but come on i dont want to watch a movie with someone who is thousand miles away , i rather have that person with me

WilliamRLBaker3795d ago

wow ps3 has an ethernet port...but do all other blu ray players? but then again its a good thing for you since really the only blu ray player selling is the ps3....with out that system blu ray would be dead, sony should be damn happy microsoft didn't include the hd dvd player in the 360.

Biphter3795d ago

Because the HD-DVD addon has REALLY made a difference..... Im a sarcastic gamer now too.

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