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WhiteLightning2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago ) of the announcements/trailers will be a crappy looking Spiderman game from, yet again, Activision.

How did Spider-Man: Edge of Time work out fo-.........Awwwww too soon

princejb1342449d ago

the only spiderman i liked this gen was web of shadows
the gameplay was fun

Slyfamous2449d ago

Good game although the voice acting sucked.

HeavenlySnipes2449d ago



antz11042449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Ummmm.....Spider-Man 2,the last free roaming movie tie in game they did is considered one of the best superhero titles ever.

Bring it on!

@ Above: WoS was the last one I thought was really good. Loved the combat system. The last two were.....meh at best.

WhiteLightning2449d ago

It was alright but it wasn't considered the best, people only liked the freeroam which no other developer has picked up on....but that was the past and this is now.....Activision has gotten worse since then so you know, plus it;s another mie tie in game

DaveMan2449d ago

I wouldn't say that if I were you. Beenoex last Spider Man game was really solid if you ask me.

Returning to an open free world, plus the fact they had 2 1/2 years to work on this game makes me think that it has SOME potential at least.

firefoxprime2449d ago

Depends on which game style you perfer. I've played spidey games from sidescrolling beat'em ups(sega/snes), to 3D beat'em ups(n64/ps1), to free-roaming(ps2/xbox)

Honestly, I too agree that Spiderman 2 was the BEST. Whats funny, were the original reviews for the game...I think it recieved a 7.3 on IGN/Gamespot. Its just that the later games haven't surpassed SPM2's calibur yet...

KwietStorm2449d ago

Another year, another gaming embarrassment for one of the most iconic super heroes alive.

John Kratos2449d ago

Damn poor Beenox, they make one successful Spidey game, and now Activision has relegated them to releasing one literally ever six months. Last one came out in October and now this one will be launching in June.

DaveMan2449d ago

According to Beenox they have split in to 2 teams. 1 small team was working on Edge of Time, while the bigger team was working on the Amazing Spider Man. They said they've been working for 2 1/2 years so far, so it's not all doom and gloom.

Slyfamous2449d ago

The moment they stepped away from open world was the moment Activision slapped the final nail in spidey's coffin.

krazykombatant2449d ago

How is Activision even allowed to make more games of spidey. The last good one was Web of Shadows....