Rumor: Half-Life 3 Steam Achievements Surface writes, "There’s a little thing called momentum, an there seems to be plenty of it behind what seems to be an upcoming reveal of Half-Life 3 at the 2011 Video Game Awards. Thanks to Marccell who posted in one of our previous articles, it appears that the Steam achievements for Half-Life 3 have been uncovered."

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Kran2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

I don't know if I am convinced.

I mean if HL3 is indeed being revealed this weekend, then the game would at least be months away, meaning why would achievements go up already?

But on the other hand, maybe Valve are thinking: Right. Half Life 3 is done. Let's release it around January to put people's minds to rest.

Not sure what to think, but we'll know the truth on Saturday.

EDIT: Although here's something.... isn't that ident fan made from ages ago? Somebody see if they can find that because I'm sure I've seen that before.

fluffydelusions2447d ago

Maybe MP PC beta? CS:GO beta has achievements afaik.

jony_dols2447d ago

This is so fake.

The Half Life 3 logo in the screenshot, is the same (& only) piece of HL3 artwork that has been circulating the internet for years.

I'm sure that Valve would have created their own game logo rather than rehashing an old, dated piece of development artwork.

bodybombs2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

seems to farfetched

PshycoNinja2447d ago

Three more days guys. Then we will know fact from fiction.

narked2447d ago

indeed.. but in that time.. KILL ALL THE HEADCRABS!!!!

davidmccue2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

The text and images on Steam can be easily changed in the browser using certain software e.g 'Firebug', i use it myself when testing out new layouts for my own website. The browser address can also be changed as long as you dont press enter to initiate the search.

Does not prove a thing, i could create the same image in a few minutes without the need to use photoshop.

NarooN2447d ago

I lol'd hard at "Read full bullshit".

Campy da Camper2447d ago

Well, that means using Valve time it will hit shelfs next November.

showtimefolks2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

this is my opinion on this matter:

Valve have praised sony a lot lately
VGA people are saying its something you won't believe
last of us is a new IP i don't think it can have the BOOM affect

how about this HL3 is announced for ps3/pc so it will still be console exclusive. I personally think it should be on xbox360 too if it is coming but you never know the kind of deals sony and MS sign.

I am very interested in VGA's just to see what comes off all these rumors. Watching live now that's something i don't know if i can do

one way or another i hope HL3 comes out because as gamers we all agree we been looking forward to it for far too long.

da_2pacalypse2447d ago

why would valve exclude the xbox console who has supported their products so well over the years. You can check, all valve games have sold better on xbox than on ps3.

mtullock2446d ago

While their games have sold better on XBOX so far, Portal was way better on PS3 and lets not forget Rockstar and MS teamed up after years of Rockstar / Sony love ins!

Getowned2446d ago

HL3 isn't a new ip it's a new game to the series,I love Half Life a lot and i'll tell you right now it will never be exclusive to anything and I hope it's not a ps3 exclusive I want to see some thing new from sony!

ninjahunter2447d ago

Everything in game development in beta is just polish and bug smashing.

StraightPath2447d ago

If these signs are true Half Life 3 finally coming :') the end of all FPShooter turd we been getting. Half Life 2 the premier of FPS games. It was more like a adventure game with puzzles platforming and shooting.

ATi_Elite2446d ago

Gabe has stressed that no info on Ep3 will be unveiled until after DotA 2 and CS:GO are released.

Also.....Valve has never ever, ever never given away clues so easily. All their previous reveals require some brain work to figure out.

Last but not least......after the initial Source Engine was stolen Valve has tighter security on HL2 than Fort Knox!

Most likely all the HL2 ep3 data is under Gabe's mattress while he sleeps and during the day he carries it around Duct Taped to his stomach!

looking forward to CS:GO then DotA2 then hopefully the Big Ep3......if Valve can count to 3.

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WhiteLightning2447d ago

I know it's more then likely to be fake but I've made the same mistake I always do when HL3 news is "leaked" near a gaming show.....get totaly hyped :)

I think I've made a sex wee

AngelicIceDiamond2447d ago

Yep Half life 3 is coming in 2012 its just too much evidence.

Kran2447d ago

A random stranger presumed to be an employee wearing a T-Shirt of Half Life 3 and "rumored" achievements of Half-Life 3 is not "too much evidence".

WhiteLightning2447d ago

There was the stuff during the Portal 2 arg that wasn't explained and wasn't part of Portal.

Theres been plenty of small hints to show Valve is working on it that people usualy forget about. It's there way of telling us it's in development without them actually saying anything.

Chnswdchldrn2447d ago

Lol no valve wouldnt use such low quality pics for their achievements, also the image used for the half life 3 icon in the upper right is some concept or fan art or something but I've seen it before

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