Just Dance was the most sold game during Sinterklaas week

Yamilla from said: "Ubisoft was the most successful company during Sinterklaas week.
Just Dance 3 was the most sold game, making children happy to dance on their favourite music.
Here at find that understandible, since Sinterklaas is mainly a children stuff, children most likely have a Wii, are not allowed to play shooting games, and don’t care about games that are way to hard for them to use."

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CrzyFooL2297d ago

Is that like Festivus?

...for the resofus

majiebeast2297d ago

Crzy im just gonna say this sinterklaas makes the netherlands look racist. white people in blackface+white old dude using em as helpers+giving kids presents.

blakstarz2297d ago

y0...what the fuck is with the blackface?!?!?!!

YamiHoshi2296d ago

It's tradition, nothing more.

blakstarz2296d ago

That seems like a very disturbing tradition. I don't see how or where any of that ties with anything holiday-related.
Totally caught me off guard.