IGN: Twisted Metal: Making Car Combat an Online e-Sport

Between blasting oncoming cars with homing missiles and hitting a nitrous boost before a jump, David Jaffe -- one of the original creators of the Twisted Metal series -- turned to IGN and said that he wanted his upcoming creation to be an e-Sport.

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PshycoNinja2239d ago

Cannot wait for this game! Oh Sweet tooth how I have missed you.

antz11042239d ago

This is gonna be so sick. TM:B to me is the best game ever and this goes in the same vein. That, and back in 2000 there wasn't really an online, so this should shine above if they do it right.

smashcrashbash2239d ago

Make it shine like a twisted star Jaffe

gustave1542239d ago

Twisted Metal is like the only relevant carcombat game out there so why not make it an e-sport?

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