Speculation Central: Major Announcements We Expect / Hope Come from the 2011 VGA Awards

Speculation about the upcoming VGA Awards, the most likely winners, and possible game revelations / coverage (Alan Wake, Metal Gear Solid, Heavenly Sword, God of War, etc.)

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WhiteLightning2362d ago

"Oh, I forgot. One more thing…Go, Uncharted 3 Game of the Year! Hoo-ah!"


a_bro2362d ago

GOTY is going to be tight. between Skyrim, Batman and Uncharted, man, this really was a good year for gaming...

GraveLord2362d ago

With the problems Skyrim has been having on PS3 they better think twice about naming it game of the year. Hope they pick a game thats less glitchy.

Saladfax2362d ago

Does no one remember Portal 2? How very sad =(