Cliff B's Favorite Unreal 3 Game "Bioshock"

While most people perceive game designers as geeky, shy dudes, Epic's flamboyant Cliff Bleszinski aka Cliffy B tells a different story. In case you didn't know, Cliffy B was the lead designer of Gears of War. He sat down with us to discuss the game that shot him into the limelight, its transition to the PC, and about his favorite Unreal 3 game.

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gamesblow3879d ago

This guy is such a ham... I mean a huge honey baked ham. Like, glazed and everything. I don't think anyone could be more hammy than Cliffy B.

solar3879d ago

id smother him in some cheese and throw him in an omlette. im so hungry...

mighty_douche3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

his aims of scaring the tree with a chainsaw into have sex with him were successful!

good on him i stay, that tree looks a right [email protected]

probably should of done something clever with the word "wood", meh, stoned.

EDIT: Oh a disagree. seems someone wants to be a tree.

MyNutsYourChin3879d ago

"Flamboyant" typically equates to "gay". CliffyB sucks enough so I wouldn't put it past him. What a douchbag.

MK_Red3879d ago

Cliffy B Rules and so does BioShock.

jcgamer3878d ago

I agree, Cliffy B is the man...he (and Epic) delivered the first good taste of the new generation, in my opinion...

MyNutsYourChin3878d ago

The only thing CliffyB "rules" is faagland and all the futtbuckers living there. You boys are lemmings. Celebrity status is only temporory so go ahead and follow this douchebag, in 5 years he's going to be a loser again just like he was in high school.

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