Can PS3 Live Up To The Expected 10+ Year Lifespan? | GameBlurb

GameBlurb writes, "With the mouting rumors of the next Xbox coming daily and the impending release of the Wii U, can Sony afford to wait another 5 years before releasing a new console?"

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PimpHandHappy2448d ago

doesnt mean the PS4 wont be out at year 8 but i know i can play my PS3 for years 2come... Sh!t my backlog of games that i want to play is a year long easy

darthv722448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

I mean the PS2 did because there wasnt anything to challenge its popularity until the 360 came out.

In some ways if something comes along and steals market share (even a bit) it can force the hand of a company to up their release time frame.

Even if a new system were released at year 6 doesnt mean they would stop supporting the previous one. It does tend to spread things a bit thin though.

One hurdle holding back the ps3 was in fact the PS2. Now it is selling quite well and those who held off are now starting to buy into it.

Sony isnt the kind of company to drop support once the new system comes out. MS did that with the xbox when the 360 launched. Then again, it proved pretty lucrative for them in doing that.

edit: even further may be that sony would slow support for the ps3 if they released the ps4. By that it would allow them to refocus efforts on the new system and support would continue for the old via 3rd parties.

You know sony was probably shaking their heads watching the 360 continue to sell and the ps3 sell less than they expected it to for the first few years. Internal meetings probably concerned dropping ps2 support in favor of full speed ahead on the ps3. Whatever happens next gen it will DEFINITELY be different than this gen.

sikbeta2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

"I mean the PS2 did because there wasnt anything to challenge its popularity until the 360 came out"

Nop, if that was the case, the sole announce of a new Console from Sony would "kill" the current one, like the wii-u did to the wii :P PlayStation Systems are introduced in the market this way, every 6 years a new console is released, all developer power move to the new console but the "old" one is still supported and manufactured to complete its life cycle, PS1 was 10 years, PS2 was 10 years, but still manufactured, meaning it reached 11 years in the market and keeps going, PS3 will do the same, so I don't know why doubt it

firefoxprime2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

true words. I just bought my PS3 back in May 2011. Worked fine for me. A huge backlog of awesome titles from 5 years.

Picked up my PS2 back in 2005, so I'm clearly a late adopter. Gotta tell ya though, real nice pickin up Mirror's edge for $10 vs. $60 :)

off topic: I don't like buying "BROKEN GAMES". Screw mediocre patches and overprice DLC! I really believe people are WAY to comfortable with rushed launches. Just my op.

egidem2448d ago

With such a large library of PS3 games that is available, I say we'll see this machine live up to its 10 year lifespan and beyond. It has something that the PS2 didn't really have: Internet.

We can get extra features, support, DLC, patches etc. on things that we couldn't do with the PS2. We get to shop for online games, watch movies and chat with our friends, all from the PS3. It's still a gaming console, but it's more than that this gen.

I can easily say that all these features undoubtedly easily increase the PS3's lifespan of more than 10 years. I can still see the PS3 still selling in 2016 and after that.

BitbyDeath2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Every 6 years a new playstation is born: one console in all the world, a chosen one. It alone will wield the strength and skill to fight Nintendo and the forces of Microsoft; to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their number. It is the Playstation.

[Enter Drums & Guitar]

Kiroe2448d ago

I too have a feeling that the system will last for 10 years, especially with strong exclusives. But, I do foresee the PS3 and PS4 coexisting just like the PS2/PS3. I just hope Sony has a good plan on migrating all of my PSN games over to the PS4...I'd hate to lose them.

frostypants2448d ago

If they stick to the Cell architecture, that should be a somewhat trivial task for them.

Majin-vegeta2448d ago

It means Sony will keep supporting it just like the ps2 look how old it is and it's still kicking @$$ :D.

Ezio20482448d ago

after all....PS2's power is OVER 9000!!!!! =D

death2smoochie2448d ago

Of course it will. The PS2 lasted...
Sony will bring out the PS4 during the time the PS3 is out...just as they did with the PS3 and the PS2.
The PS4 will be released and the PS3 will still be supported.
Common sense.

Ducky2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

PS3 not being backward compatible with PS2 games is part of the reason the PS2 didn't die so quickly.
(Granted, the early PS3 models had BW compatibility)

It leaves an incentive for people to buy a PS2 and play what is arguably the best software lineup for any single console.
If the next PS4 can do everything the PS3 can do plus more, then I don't see the PS3 making it to the 10 year mark. (It is currently 5 years old)

MysticStrummer2448d ago

You disproved your own argument by acknowledging the backwards compatibility of the early PS3s. Price was the reason PS3 didn't sell well in the beginning, and the low price of a PS2 plus it's great catalogue of games kept it viable. PS3 will be supported for that 10 years, if only to avoid all the "What Happened to the 10 Year Plan, Sony?!?" articles that would certainly follow.

MizTv2448d ago

as long as there is games i cant play anywhere else ill b happy

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