TGH Cave Story 3D Review

"Cave Story has seen the light of many releases on different platforms including the PC, Mac, Wii and DSi. Now it’s time for Cave Story to go into the third dimension in Cave Story 3D for the 3DS. Developer Nicalis, who made the recent WiiWare and DSiWare version, continue to bring this title to Nintendo’s platforms. They have kept everything from the story to gameplay untouched from the original one man developer, and creator, Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya. The only difference coming from the 3D graphics and overhaul. So does Cave Story 3D live up to its name in the third dimension, or will be forgotten in the caves below?"

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ShadyDevil2415d ago

I might pick this up. It looks pretty good for an RPG from NIS and always looking for a good handheld RPG.