How to Improve Skyrim Lag Performance on PS3

A potential temporary fix to Skyrim's lag issues on PlayStation 3.

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DemonStration2447d ago

Glad there's at least some workaround for now

TheSanchezDavid2447d ago

Sounds like a pain. At least there's a way to make the game run smoother, but this is still pretty bad. I'll wait to get my copy once it's all patched up.

TopDudeMan2447d ago

These solutions are all a bit theoretical to me. the performance doesn't bother me, but to people who are having troubles, I doubt these will really help.

JTX2447d ago

It worked for me when I did it weeks ago.

DarkBlade46582447d ago

This whole Skyrim PS3 lag issue is unfortunate. I hope they find a fix to this quickly.

lifesanrpg2447d ago

While these are "potential" things that may help, I wonder if they have found the actual cause and begun to fix it yet. Fan patience will only last for so long.

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