Could God of War IV Be Shown During Spike’s Video Game Awards?

Spike TV’s Video Game Awards is set to air in just a few days with 13 exclusive video game reveals expected. So far we know that Metal Gear Solid: Rising, Bioware’s latest title, Epic Games' new IP, Tony Hawk’s latest, and The Last of Us will make an appearance at the awards show but could God of War IV be shown as well?

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Convas2447d ago

"Keighley knows how to keep the audience in suspense."

Yeah, or he just wants you to watch the show.

sinncross2447d ago

True that. I personally hope it is not GOW4 because we all know its coming.. I want a brand new exclusive :O

Skip_Bayless2447d ago

It's too early. I would be surprised to even see a CG trailer.

SockeyBoy2447d ago

yeah and the teaser trailer didn't look God of Warish.

DarkTower8052447d ago

GOW4 as a PS4 launch title would be preferred.

garos822447d ago

one can dream! id love to see that too in my ideal world but not likely gonna happen

doctorstrange2447d ago

The Last of Us is definitely not GOW, and they surely would have mentioned if there'd be 2 major PS3 exclusives.

Micro_Sony2447d ago

I would not rule that possiblity out so quick.

Think about it...Kratos has defeated all the greek gods so what else is for him to do.

I think God of War should go the direction where War Devil was going where you go to different wars in diffrent eras.

Can you imagine Kratos in the 21st century or the future.

++++SPOILER++++Castlevania Lords of Shadow ended with that cliff hanger and I can not wait to play CV Lords of Shadow 2.

Here is hoping for a reboot God of War with minImal QTE and more RPG.

Spitfire_Riggz2447d ago

Whatever happened to Sony Smash =(

soljah2447d ago

one thing guys. no one said the tweet had to be talking about the new lastofus reveal. possible thhat sony might have several games to show on sat.

GraveLord2447d ago

Don't think GoW4 would be "shocking"

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The story is too old to be commented.