Ad Watch: Ladies and Gentleman, Let's Reintroduce the PS3

The PS3 likely won't outsell the Wii or Xbox 360 this holiday, but thanks to a new price and new ad campaign things are moving in the right direction. GameDaily speaks with Scott Steinberg, SCEA's VP of Product Marketing, about the latest strategy.

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gamesblow3762d ago

Ps3 won't outsell the xbox 360? Well, it sure did a good job of it last month and just this week... 500,000 units sold just this week, as opposed to xbox 360's 480,000 Then add last months sales of the Ps3 at almost 700,000 please.. Ps3 has a good chance of beating the xbox 360 in sales this holiday season.

PS3 Limps on and on3762d ago

Where are you getting your numbers from?

Also I think when people talk like this, they are usually focusing only on the United States and NPD numbers.

I don't put that much into worldwide numbers, I think the playing field is won and lost in the US. But that's just my personal opinion.

HarryEtTubMan3762d ago

haha Limps you're very wrong.. since when are only the U.S.'s numbers counted when added up consoles sales... yes they add up the wholw world because the companys make money all over the world and yes the PS3 will already outsell the junkbox worldwide....this Holiday season.
PS3 limps on and on you're a dumb 16 year old noob. Get a life and change your stupid wrong name.

EZCheez3762d ago

Why wouldn't you? What is so special about NA that makes everything else unimportant? What's your reasoning behind this?

If the PS3 sells more worldwide, then the PS3 sells more worldwide. It doesn't matter how many are sold in NA because nothing will change that fact.

A console sold is a console sold no matter where it happens.

Danja3762d ago

So what if the PS3 sells another 40mill in EU..20mill in Japan and 25 mill in NA...which maket plays te biggest rol in the PS3 winning.?
EU is just a big market as the US...

You seem really insecure with ur purchase of the PS3 dude..!!

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rayc00133762d ago

the playing field is world wide, not just the usa. on another topic i do like there new commercials.

OOG FunK3762d ago

hmm would like to know where gamesblow gets his numbers since he seems to be ahead of everyone but coo ...even tho it is bound to start selln eventually

PStriple7033762d ago

alot of ps3 ad's on tv these days

supercharged3762d ago

for instance the 360 is doing well everywhere else but japan and thats causing a lot of game to be exclusive to the PS3 by default. sony needs to impress american publishers so that they can start making better games for the PS3

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