Catherine Release Date Confirmed

Deep Silver has today announced the release date for the action-adventure/puzzle mix, Catherine. Set to be available in both standard and limited edition releases, known as the Stray Sheep Edition, Catherine will launch throughout PAL territories on February 10th, 2012.

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limewax2362d ago

Surely most people who would have bought it already did, it was all over the UK ebay when it released in US. I would Imagine a lot of the EU had the same thing happening

LightSamus2362d ago

Considering Xbox 360 isn't region free, I doubt it. And even then, getting games from your own region is always better for a variety of reasons.

OooHJohnny2362d ago

I prefer to import from US or Canada. Games are too expensive here in Europe. At least it has an EU release date...

suicidalblues2362d ago

That's sad that you can import a game cheaper than buying it locally.