Xbox LIVE Free Weekend Revealed

Microsoft Studios has confirmed that the forthcoming weekend, beginning Friday 9th December 2011, will allow all gamers free access to the Xbox LIVE network. This includes use of the recently launched television applications and online gameplay.

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darthv722291d ago

you got to love free preview weekends. Just recently ATT had as uverse free weekend and I got to watch all sorts of stuff on hbo and sho that i dont subscribe to.

My kids will like this. They can take on their old man in a few live games. Them on the system upstairs and me at mine on the big screen.

Get ready to get gibbed boys and girls!

Janitor2291d ago

Yeah I my son is learning how to play COD online, We have a blast playing 1 on 1 cage matches.

Janitor2291d ago

OK apparently at least 2 people disagree that I have fun playing video games with my son?

Gotta love n4g...

SockeyBoy2291d ago

haha I had a laugh about that too man.

DarkBlood2291d ago

they must of disagreed cuz you choose cod out of all titles to play with your son or something idk lol

HeavenlySnipes2291d ago

Only time I ever play my 360 online lol

SockeyBoy2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

can you pm me your gamertag? I smell BS on your comment.

Laxman2291d ago

Let me know if owns up and actually PMs it to you. I vote BS too.