Wii U listed for €450 at Carrefour

In Carrefour, biggest french mall, they are prereserving WiiU at 450€.

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YamiHoshi2415d ago

It sounds very unlikely, as Nintendo consoles were never that expensive.
At the other hand, it might be likely, as the controller looks really expensive to make.

bwazy2415d ago

Yeah, if anything its because of the controller. I can actually see this price tag being accurate to a degree.

kneon2415d ago

I think you're over estimating the BOM for a controller such as that. There are full blown tablets with 1ghz+ processors and 500mb+ ram, sd card slot, WiFi, HDMI port, Bluetooth etc that sell at retail for around $100. This controller is going to be much less powerful than that, plus it has a much smaller, and therefore cheaper screen.

It probably costs them something like $30-50 to make each controller so if sold separately from the console expect around $100 per controller.

Shackdaddy8362415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

The controller can't be that much. It's supposed to be a single-touch, resistive touch screen. That's like the cheapest type of touch screen you can make.

If it's 450 euros (Which I highly doubt. That's like $600. It's probably just a place-holder like they did with the vita), then it will be because everyone underestimated the components of the console.

richierich2415d ago

Well it better be a lot more powerful than 360 and PS3 if its that price

LoaMcLoa2415d ago

Indeed! The latest rumours better not be true (That it's on par with the 360)

I'm not really the guy who cares about graphics, but I don't wanna see Nintendo being a step behind again

2415d ago
Darkwatcher2415d ago

@TheHungryPizza Sure like that can't be made by the PS3 or 360. Remember Project Natal Milo ? Yeah... companies lie.

ChickeyCantor2415d ago

it's an estimated price.
But ... for Europeans it will be a kick in the nuts.
450 dollar is usually translated to 450 euro.

which is in return 606.60 dollars

Thanks ridiculous pricing systems. Please die in a fire.

Titanz2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

I've always paid $300+ for a launched Nintendo console, but I'm not going over $400.

I might this time, though xd

Suga Shane2415d ago

I pay that much or more as well since I usually get a few games with my new Nintendo system. Really though, the Wii is the first Nintendo home console to break the $199 launch price in NA. I see the Wii U priced at $250-$300.....hopefully.

admiralthrawn872415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

i'd pay 450 dollars if it did turn out to be that. no more though, that's bordering on the limit. considering in my state that would be around 477 dollars with tax, plus a game to play, would put you well over 500 dollars.

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The story is too old to be commented.