ModNation Racers: Road Trip on PlayStation Vita Hands-On Impressions - PushSquare

PushSquare: "ModNation Racers stole our hearts last summer. The Sony published “Play Create Share” kart racer was a real triumph, championing the best of Mario Kart and LittleBigPlanet in one tidy, well presented package. ModNation Racers: Road Trip sees the core ideas from last year’s PlayStation 3 game shrunk down and repurposed for PlayStation Vita. As the title so effortlessly insinuates, this is ModNation Racers on the go."

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Yi-Long2238d ago

... the game looks like great fun, but the amount of DLC that's been released means I'll never pick it up 'bare-bones'.

Hopefully, with the current PSN Christmas deals (Europe), a 'bundle' of the DLC and the game will be released for 30 bucks or something.