XboxWorld 360 Give Viva Pinata: Party Animals: 4.6/10

XboxWorld 360 writes:

"Viva Piñata, a game nobody bought, tied into a cartoon nobody cares about, was certainly decent enough (though a commercial failure by Rare's standards) but it probably makes sense to hand over the reins to a lesser developer and let them flog it to death instead After all, Krome did such a good job with, er... Ty The Tasmanian Tiger. Still, already well versed in the dark art of talking animals, they couldn't possibly balls up a simple party game... could they?."

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YoMeViet3796d ago

SO True. Viva Pinata sucks bad, even my lil bro refuse to watch it.

Rikitatsu3796d ago

Now no matter how Good M rated Xclsuives Xbox360 will get , it won't succeed because there is no games for causal gamers and kids , unlike the PS3 , it has an amazing variety of games which means Hardcore gamers and Casual gamers can enjoy it

YoMeViet3796d ago

this game is for casual gamers and kids, only thing is it just sucks.

turbogeek3796d ago

stop trying to be like your superiors, Microcrap. stick to your shooters

zonetrooper53795d ago

Viva Pinata is actually an awesome game which flopped because MS decided to market Gears of War instead. This version of Viva Pinata was not made by Rare but another company.

I do hope that Rare will release Viva Pinata 2 and BK3 maybe next year.

marionz3795d ago

i loved viva pinata, and while party animals isnt as deep or exciteing it still has enough brainless fun in it to keep me and a few friends entertained for an hour or two when we are sick of all the stratergy and thinking of other games

viva pinata party animals isnt a serious game, people need to remember it is aimed at kids and social gamers, i have a friend who still grabs the four controllers out to play mario kart on the gamecube, not everyday though its not that kind of game, just when your in the mood for some fun with friends, same goes when she comes over here, we grab out the four controlls and play VPPA, bit of a race...few party games...its all good

its not a action game so its instantly hated on, same as fusion frenzy (hated the host in that one though) take party animals for what it is, an occasional party game with friends, i could say rpg's suck for makeing me think too hard