Epic's new game "totally different" to Gears of War

Epic Games is set to unveil a new title on Saturday – but it’s quite the departure away from their previous work, such as action-packed Xbox 360 giant Gears of War.

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pedo_across-the-road2362d ago

Lets just hope it's nothing like Overstrick, I just can't bear another Resistance vs gears thing again.

majiebeast2362d ago

Overstrike? I hope its something in a genre they havent done yet that would be suprising.

StanLee2362d ago

Yeah, it's probably a safe bet it's a shooter. Sadly.

Kran2362d ago

Hopefully its not a shooter at all ¬¬


Micro_Sony2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

Hahahahhahahhahaah thanks for the LOLZ.

I can bet my entire life savings which is probably about $25 that its a shooter. I do not know of any deveoper that has ever chnaged genres just like that. The only person that can pull that off is Kojima.

I think they are going to use The Samaratan concept.

2362d ago
lelo2play2362d ago

It's probably a FPS (or a 3rdPS). It would be interesting if they made a RPG for consoles/PC (not counting Infinity Blade for iphone).

Nodoze2362d ago

So it has different guns, and Dom is not in it. Yup totally different.

Oh and there is a forest, and some trees.

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The story is too old to be commented.