Could the Upcoming South Park RPG Be A Skyrim Beater?

Gaming wise, there's much to look forward to in 2012. Right near the top of the pile has to be the recently announced South Park RPG, cleverly titled "South Park: The Game." With RPG giants Obsidian at the helm, it's an intriguing project to say the least and speculation is rife as to how the game might turn out, many believing it will give even the most established RPG franchises a real run for their money.

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funnier, yes, overall better including gameplay value, hell na-a

jacksonmichael2331d ago

I doubt it... But wouldn't that be awesome?

zeal0us2331d ago

I get that it is south park but why is there so much hype for this game?

_Aarix_2330d ago

Lets not get carried away...lets first see more gameplay videos

NeoTribe2325d ago

Rediculous assumption but im curious wut this will be like.