Everyone’s leaving The Last Guardian

It is not looking good for the big bird cat thing. After reports that creator Fimito Ueda had quit and was finishing The Last Guardian ‘freelance’, it now turns out the executive producer Yoshifusa Hayama has also left the project. Something that’s only come to light now he’s working for a social gaming company called Bossa.

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Stuart57562358d ago

Surely they wern't the only 2 people working on it. Why would they want to leave though?

blaaah2358d ago

I hope it gets moved to PS4

Skip_Bayless2357d ago

I think the game is basically finished. This does create a cause of concern for the quality of this game.

caseh2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )


When the creator and executive producer leave then it aint looking promising at all.

Imagine if Kojima had left MGS halfway through production or Suzuki abandonned Shenmue before it was complete.

Rage_S902358d ago

Yh but ueda is still making the game.

Micro_Sony2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

I think it has to do with being under pressure.

I remember watching the making of Gears of War 1 and those guys at EPIC had to work all day and all night and they barely got to spend time with family.

The development team for The Last Guardian is very small, much smaller than EPIC and Sony is probably putting some pressure on them to have the game ready by next year. I would rather work for a company that pays me about the same with less stress than a company that has me working on deadline with a small team.

modesign2358d ago

boo hoo, making videogames is hard. whipe your tears.

PshycoNinja2357d ago

Unfortunately that is how the gaming industry works. It takes a lot of passionate, hard working individuals to make a single game.
If you were in game development you would understand.

DigitalAnalog2357d ago

You have to understand most companies are not too lenient with niche games like these. On top of that, SONY is practicaly giving them about 6 years of production (about a console's life cycle). I'm assuming they were planning to let this be their final game before moving elsewhere.

RedDead2358d ago

2 out of 30. 2 of the most important

Majin-vegeta2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Correction 2/35.

Can someone point out exactly where it says that he left?O_o

LightofDarkness2358d ago

Well, Stuart Black left in the middle of BodyCount's development, and we all know how that turned out.

I still look forward to it, but this is somewhat disappointing news. Events like these are never anything but detrimental to the final product, no matter how many assurances are given.

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perfectCarbonara2358d ago

Social gaming, it'll be the death of us.

nefertis2358d ago

Oh boy, i hope whoever steps up can keep his vision alive.

isarai2358d ago

well it's not the producers vision it's Fumita Ueda's, and he said he's still working on it so don't worry

SilentNegotiator2357d ago

Agreed. Assuming they ARE pretty far into the project, I really don't think a change of producer will make a massive difference.

isarai2358d ago

If Fumita Ueda says not to worry about The Last Guardian then i won't. But if he is indeed leaving and the team is breaking up then i do worry what will become of this great series, and if Fumita will find a publisher that will allow him to work freely like Sony does.

Fishy Fingers2358d ago

I'm sure they'll be missed, but this is the way things work, peoples situations change and as do their priorities or whatever.

This is how the young blood gets their chance.

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The story is too old to be commented.