The PSP Online Store - The Biggest Interview About Sony's iTunes-Style Gaming Move

Late last week MTV Multiplayer interviewed Eric Lempel, the PlayStation director of network operations in charge of the store.

And they talked about everything.

Seriously. Want to know what the plans are for this store? The pricing strategy? Why it requires a PC? Whether it will support Macs? Which titles formerly on UMD will be coming to the store (he revealed that SOCOM Fire Team Bravo and Twisted Metal: Head-On will hit by year's end)? Whether UMD titles will ever be released on the download store the same day as they are in game shops? Which PS3 games he'd like to see on the PSP store? The plans for import titles?

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mighty_douche3760d ago

time to start saving up guys, the PSP is starting to look very very promising.

nice find TNS

ruibing3760d ago

A good read for any potential PSP owners and a must-read for all PSP owners.

spectyre3760d ago

It has been a long wait but it seems they intend to hit the ground running. This adds a whole new dimension to an already impressive portable device.

bootsielon3760d ago

PSP becomes compatible with WiMax next year, so that PSP can download video, music and games on demand, perhaps even stream them without the need of a PC, Mac or a PS3.