The Top 10 Best Games Of All Time

360 Magazine: Best game ever? Best game of all time? Here's our rundown of the top 10... a list that has caused actual fisticuffs here at 360 Magazine.

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Dailynch2270d ago

I don't know about some of these. What about any of the Uncharted games!

Al802270d ago

It's an Xbox 360 site, so I guess they weren't allowed!

jimmins2270d ago

The list starts with MGS on PS1, soooooooooo...

blaaah2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

The only game that deserves the top spot on such a list is Super Mario Bros considering that it was a masterpiece of its time and what it did for the industry as a whole.

HL2 is definitely a top 10er though.. I would personally rank the games as:

1. Super Mario Bros
2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
3. Super Metroid
4. Super Mario Galaxy 2
5. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
6. Chrono Trigger
7. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
8. Super Mario 64
9. StarCraft II Wings of Liberty
10. Half Life 2

arjman2270d ago

Obvious Ninty fanboy is obvious

_Aarix_2270d ago

Uncharted is not the greatest game in the world.

showtimefolks2270d ago

Half life
Uncharted 2
MGS Snake Eater
Mass effect series

GTA 4 should not be on this list what so ever. it's a good game but not top 10 material

Dee_912270d ago


lets see how many of you get that joke

morganfell2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

No System Shock 1 or 2 invalidates the list. No Starcraft 1 means they were not thinking when they wrote the piece.

Half Life 1. Period.

The inexperience of the writer is obvious.

Darrius Cole2269d ago

Portal 2, Syrim, GTA IV, better than MGS...No Way in hell.

MaxXAttaxX2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

You could try to make your Nintendo bias less obvious by being more reasonable.

SMB1 is not the best game ever(of it's time). Doing something first doesn't mean it was done best.
SMB3 is from the same generation and destroys SMB1 on every single aspect. Level design, visuals, music, gameplay/power ups, etc.

@ _Aarix_
And neither is your game of choice.
I wouldn't put HL2 as #1 since I found it unappealing and the main character quite boring.

Then again, all of these "Top 10 Best" lists are entirely subjective in the first place, with varying personal tastes and opinions.

guitarded772269d ago

Here's my list

1. Subjective pick
2. Subjective pick
3. Subjective pick
4. Subjective pick
5. Subjective pick
6. Subjective pick
7. Subjective pick
8. Subjective pick
9. Subjective pick
10. Subjective pick

Wow!!! It's exactly the same as everyone else's list.

detroit2cali2269d ago

When i saw the GTA IV pic instead of GTA SA I knew this list would suck.

chappelle show >

Fylus2269d ago

1. Overseer
2. Overseer
3. Overseer
4. Overseer
5. Overseer

Danteh2269d ago

My list:

10. Bioshock
9. Pokemon R/B/Y
8. Devil May Cry
7. Uncharted 2
6. Final Fantasy X
5. Super Mario Bros 3
4. God of War II
3. Little Big Planet
2. Metal Gear Solid 4
1. Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Kurt Russell2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Not a top 10 list but a list of games better than the articles, in no particular order

- Shenmue
- Street Fighter 2 Turbo
- Killer Intinct
- Syndicate
- Conkers Bad Fur Day
- Monkey Island
- System Shock
- Half Life
- Silent Hill 2
- Bolder Dash

Subjective list is subjective.

Sub4Dis2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

typical childish response, AI80. completely expect.

the missing title that really surprised me is Starcraft.

Half-Life 2 absolutely belongs at number one.

also, Portal 1 is infinitely better than Portal 2.

As for the people talkin about Uncharted...come on. the game doesn't do a single unique thing. it also doesn't have original characters, set pieces, combat, dialogue, etc... Uncharted 1 was a very charming game that was entertaining...but the next 2 installments ruined it for me.

I could see myself playing Uncharted 1 once a year til i played UC 2...then i just lost interest in the formulaic gameplay.

notice there are NO fanboys here crying about Halo not being on the list...just saying.

EDIT: no Goldeneye 64? :( it's probably the game that defined a generation of gamers...but whatever. "Opinions are like assholes...everybody's got one, but don't nobody want to admit it."

DragonKnight2269d ago

My top 10 list.

*insert 10 games here*

In my opinion, we are so lucky to be able to have such an entertaining pastime with literally thousands of options that not only is it impossible to make a universally agreed upon list of only 10, but it's also pointless as there are just too many games and too many different opinions.

That feel you get when play...

Al802268d ago

"typical childish response, Al80"

Have you ever worked for a single-format magazine or website? Because I have, and if I'd have attempted to place an exclusive game from a rival console in a list like this, I'd have been shown the door.

Just sayin

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Hanif-8762270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Nope, GTA IV should of been first. I know that some people will disagree but everyone have their different preferences in games i tend to just go for the ones that aim to be realistic. In fact, my friend brought over MW3 to my house yesterday because i had a couple of friends over and i strictly told him not to use my profile to play that crap in which he did (motherF&cker ). I'm more of a Battlefield 3 guy in fact its the only FPS that i play. Why, you ask? because just like my statement above its just a grown man's game bullet drop, realistic gun recoil, tactical approach to win (team work), dynamic audio, best looking FPS animations, best FPS graphics and just an all out warfare with tanks, jets, apache etc.

Laxman2270d ago

Thats taking it a bit far isnt it? Having the game played on your profile isnt going to hurt anyone is it? Seriously dude... thats just stupid.

cpayne932270d ago

"I know that some people will disagree but everyone have their different preferences in games i tend to just go for the ones that aim to be realistic."

Kratos is your avatar...and he ain't realistic.
Personally, I think there is more room for creativity in unrealistic games, so I tend to like them better. In a realistic shooter, you know what the guns, enviroments, characters etc will all be like, in a sci fi shooter something can suprise you.

That doesn't mean unrealistic>realistic every time of course, depends on the implementation. Just my opinion of course.

Hanif-8762270d ago

I don't want all my PSN friends sending me invites for that game. I'll never buy a Call of Duty game until they stop selling the same game since COD4 which i really liked at the time. However, its been the same game with new maps ever since then. Also, since i bought Battlefield Bad Company 2 and how amazing it was and still is with all the destruction and whatnot, i'm kinda spoiled and won't settle for anything less.

JoySticksFTW2270d ago

I don't know about GTAIV

It's even the best GTA

JoySticksFTW2270d ago

Man, I just saw what I typed

Meant to say GTAIV is NOT even the best in the series. How can it be on the greatest of all time list?

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Pikajew2270d ago

Uncharted is a great series but not the best of all time, there are a lot better games

The_Devil_Hunter2270d ago

Its definitely good but Uncharted 3 and 2 are among my favorite games of all time, while I still think the series is too young to be considered a top ten series. Its at no way a top series to some....yet..

andibandit2269d ago

You are right, no doubt that uncharted3 is one of the best games out there at this moment, but this list is "All time" and i dont see uncharted on that one.

I would've liked to see baldurs gate 2 up there.

Sub4Dis2269d ago

i think the more intelligent statement would have been "people that obsessively share their opinions about uncharted (and feel the need to mention it on EVERY article) are too young to think critically or to have experienced enough games to give an objective opinion.

SnotyTheRocket2270d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. I was like UNCHARTED 2, Y U NO ON

Sub4Dis2269d ago

Funny, cuz what i was thinking was "how many sony fanboys would feel the desperate need to shower unwarranted praise on uncharted as a result of it justifiably not being included in a top 10 list."

SnotyTheRocket2268d ago

Ha ha ha, funny guy. If you played it (probably have) then you KNOW it's deserves a spot, so don't go calling me a fanboy just for saying a well deserving game should be on the list.

TradingWarStories2270d ago

@dmarc haha i got that! btw isn't it dylon?

Justsayin2270d ago

No GOLDEN EYE(N64)? Weak!

Tanir2269d ago

um half life 2 and portal def shouldnt be on that list wtf

SnotyTheRocket2268d ago

Is that a joke? I can't tell.

xflo3602269d ago

Here are my top10 games...

1. Tomb raider ( Saturn, ps1 )
2. Metroid prime ( GC )
3. Nights into dreams ( Saturn )
4. Uncharted 2 ( ps3 )
5. Final fantasy 7 ( ps1 )
6. Mario 64 ( n64 )
7. Shenmue ( dreamcast )
8. Gran turismo 2 ( ps1 )
9. Zelda windwaker ( GC )
10. Metal gear solid ( ps1 )

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Biglet2270d ago

Half-Life over HL2 any day. I appreciate the use of Havok physics but that wasn't Valve's proprietary technology, whereas Half-Life brought us seamless level design that is a hallmark of intelligent shooters today.

lastdual2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

I agree that HL1 had a bigger impact on the industry, although I seem to have an easier time relplayng HL2 (and Episode 2) today. Black Mesa was awesome, but the alien world of HL1's end game was less so.

At least there's a Thief game on the list! I really want to commend the guy for that, but being a diehard Thief fan, it pains me to see Deadly Shadows listed instead of Thief 1 or 2...

Al802270d ago

"The list starts with MGS on PS1, soooooooooo... "

It's quite different to big up something that's available on a current machine though

DonaldBeck2270d ago

metal gear solid 1

demons souls

uncharted 2

shadow of the colossus

mario brothers

legend of zelda, ocarina of time.

andibandit2269d ago

judging from your list you cant be more than 16 years old.

caseh2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Urrrgh, GTA4?

GTA 3 was much better as was Vice City.

the list is also missing one of the following:

A Final Fantasy game

Fishy Fingers2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

LOL... Nice edit just as I was replaying..

"Needs a Mario game... A Zelda game"

Commented before reading huh. That GTAIV pic must of got to you ;)

caseh2270d ago

lmao kinda, I breezed through the list but I was thinking of mario kart, mario bros and zelda link to the past were missing then double checked and saw there were one or two games from the N64. :)

I'd still put Mario kart and Zelda 3 in there myself though, and probably FF3 :D

Venox20082270d ago

GTA4 :D GTA4 is booooooooooooooooooooooooring and slow :)

cyguration2270d ago

Try playing Vice City again....nostalgia is sometimes best kept in memory.

I, much like you, went back to play GTA Vice City because of all the "fun times" I had with the game but after playing GTA IV it's nearly impossible to play Vice City again...the car physics are crazy bad and the mechanics are dreadful.

At the time of its release, Vice City was great. But after experiencing Euphoria and more advanced vehicle physics and gunplay it's impossible for me to play the older GTA games now.

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