'Kill switch' dropped from Vista

Microsoft is to withdraw an anti-piracy tool from Windows Vista, which disables the operating system when invoked, following customer complaints.

The so-called "kill switch" is designed to prevent users with illegal copies of Vista from using certain features.

But the tool has suffered from glitches since it was introduced with many Windows users claiming that legal copies of Vista had been disabled.

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mighty_douche3881d ago

just another day on Vista's (& ours) road to recovery.

rayc00133881d ago

man they do have problems with thats OS.

gamesR4fun3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

Thats pretty much any pirate I know....
XP or linux is the standard for anyone with any actual computer smarts....
The rest are just the poor sob who bought a pc with it preloaded and dont know any better and the odd die har M$ supporter...

So this is just more made up numbers from a company that cant stop lying.

Maybe if they focused less on hype and more on products that work. The 360 direct x10 Vista and the list goes on failure after failure imo no company can live on hype alone... Kinda like building a card house one big puff and its all over...

ChibiSelz3881d ago

lol bullshyt i got full use of my vista operating system and its a pirated copy just dont downlod there updates and ull be fine

REbirth3881d ago

i have no problem win vista ultimate for free runs greatº.º
but 1 thing i noticed is that it stoped making updates...probably is this wat they are talkin about

hardcorehippiez3881d ago

maybe now ill be able to get back to file sharing my music to people with the new os vista . micro really hurt themselves more than they realize with vista it is so bad . people i know have stopped usin windows altogether now .

Eamon3881d ago

I mean, aren't they already making billions out of their operating systems. Why the need for all this WGA crap when the amount of people using illegal copies is negligeable compared to people using official legal copies

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