Updated Limited Edition of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection now available for pre-order

"Originally due for release on PS3 only, the zavvi-exclusive Limited Edition version of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is now due for release on both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, and the contents of this (strictly) limited edition have very recently been updated."

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majiebeast2238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

This was supposed to be limited not 8000+ copies cause that makes the augmented edition of deus ex HR a bigger collection item, seeing as it only has 15000 copies made in total for all 3 platforms. The rarity of the item was a big draw for me not some xxxl tshirt or a 250page artbook.

FAGOL2238d ago

Yep I wondering if I should cancel the order.

LightSamus2238d ago

I've been tempted too. I was only willing to pay the price for something of value and instead, I'm getting an art book. Don't get me wrong, the art book sounds fantastic but not an extra £40 fantastic.

WhiteLightning2238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

I find it funny that all those people a few months ago people who managed to buy it were saying something like "Haha got it preordered and theres no more left", basicaly bragging about it and now it's been changed completely.

I would of still liked it to include Metal Gear Solid 4

Oh well I've been givin a second chance.....I'll buy it :)