Dead or Alive 5 is 15% Complete

Dead or Alive 5 is 15% complete, Famitsu reports in a preview article for the game this week. The game is due for PS360 release in 2012.

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Kanzes2295d ago

who cares ? i dont know yet if this is a good game or not. And after all, it won't coming this year

afterMoth2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

15%? Oh good, that means the 360 version is probably done!

"One area of DOA4's development that caused problems for Team Ninja was disk space. Team Ninja filled up the entire disk for its first Xbox 360 title, and even had to make adjustments as reports came in daily of having reached the final few megabytes of space. This isn't a problem with DOAX2, as the team is keeping a close eye on space as they work."

Kran2294d ago

How could they possibly even know that? I mean do they have a full overview of whats included in the game and everything? I highly doubt it.

Reibooi2294d ago

Um Normally when a mag or article says the % of completion it's the studio working on the game who gave them that info. After all they need the studio to be a part of the preview or else they don't have screens or info to go in it.

Kran2294d ago

Even so, I wouldnt even expect the developer to know how done they are until near the end. Anybody in development could want to add more things which gets approved.

You don't want to say near the end: we're 85% complete and then they suddenly delay the game. Its probably happened.

Reibooi2294d ago

Of course things like that happen but it doesn't mean the Dev can't have a semi accurate % of completion on a project they have already done a ton of planning for.

Considering the fact that DOA4 nearly maxed out the DVD on the 360 chances are Team Ninja did alot of planning on what they do and do not want to do with DOA 5 so as not to have worries about disc space late in development.

Fishy Fingers2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

If I asked you to quantify (in percentage terms) how far you were into a job or task or whatever, you could estimate a figure, regardless of how accurate that maybe, unforeseen issues you may encounter, or anything else, you could give an estimate, thats what their doing.

I'm pretty sure they preplan some stuff when your spending millions and millions on a project, they dont just wing it day by day.

Tanir2294d ago

-_- wtf, for real, i thought it was coming spring 2012. gah sounds like spring 2013 -_-

makes sense when you think about it though considering they just finished taking a bunch of moves created by their fans for the game and have to motion capture them and etc

Jocosta2294d ago

Its a fighting game, do they seriously need that much time? Or is it all spent making FMV like Blizzard games?

AngelicIceDiamond2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

15% done? Sounds like they should of announced the game much later than sooner. Can't wait still, Hayate here I come.

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