Battlefield 3 Patch 2 - Player Opinions Are Not What DICE Would Expect

DICE released patch 1.02 for Battlefield 3. The first user opinions concerning balancing or performance are negative. Head for the jump!

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venom062389d ago

this is pretty stupid.... SERIOUSLY... the vast majority of players (on forums, twitter, anywhere) will tell you that that are MORE than happy with the latest patch... myself included...

ElVeneno2389d ago

I believe it's because PC gamers are expecting DICE to patch the game with PC oriented features, but DICE is keeping the PC version the same as consoles. Which is still a great game, however if they were to include just a quarter of the features that BF2 had it'll be suck a classic game.

BeaArthur2389d ago

I have the 360 version and I am actually dreading a lot of the balance issues that I know are coming. It seems as though DICE thought that Engineers were too powerful so instead of slight tweaks they have taken massive swings.

I would agree that infinite mines are an issue but making them visible on the mini-map (especially with a perk like thermal scope accessible to tank users) is not a good solution.

VoggNogg2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

So far I am "mostly" liking the patch. I love the IRNV nerf, I get great performance now (before this patch, was only getting 20-30 peak FPS on low with a Nvidia 570), now it is a stable 50-60 FPS on high. Only problem I get now is the occasional process crash (once every fifth or sixth round). It is not an every round crash thing, so I am at least happy about that. DICE is at least on the right track for PC with this latest patch... JUST FIX MINES AND C4!!!!

arjman2389d ago

At least your game isn't as fudged up as mine, I can't even play campaign or coop because it does that stupid 'bf3.exe has stopped working' error...ALL THE TIME!


I just updated today and it crashed 2 times. This has never happened before.

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