'Dizzy' fansite helped series return to modern platforms

A Dizzy fansite helped the return of the classic platforming series, it has been revealed.

Project director Paul Ranson, who worked on both the original and upcoming re-release on mobiles, said that website's ongoing petition "spurred" the comeback.

The website also hosted the original visuals for Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk, which was used in a prototype that was first shown to Codemasters.

"I ended up finding a website called, and those guys have got a petition that spurred me on realising this was a good thing to do, and also some kind soul had downloaded all the graphics," he said.

"The prototype I originally presented used the graphics that had been presented on that website, so to some extent - because they ran a petition for years to try and bring back the character - I hope that they get to hear that hosting those graphics facilitated me doing the demo."

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