ORION: Prelude - 5-Player Open-World Co-Op Footage

DSOGaming writes: "A few days ago, Spiral Game Studios released some brand new footage from their upcoming dino game, Orion: Prelude. This video shows off a 5-player cooperative game mode which allows players to explore worlds and hold off against waves of dinosaurs as they fight for their survival."

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Forbidden_Darkness2268d ago

Looks pretty fun. I wonder if it'll be on Steam?

thehitman2267d ago

looks like Turok meets Halo

admiralthrawn872267d ago

which sounds like a winning combo to me

LiViNgLeGaCY2267d ago

It's funny you said that. Because, well, that's EXACTLY what it looks like. Lol.

thehitman2267d ago

@ Admiral idk... I dont tend to like games that seem to be taking too much concepts from other games. From this vid it looks to painstakingly like Halo mixed with some Turok action. GL to this studio is all I can say atm.

admiralthrawn872267d ago

i understand where you are coming from. but if the end product is fun to play, why not. It looks fun to me. Hell any fun shooter that's not military cod/bf3 seems fun to me right now.

TheoreticalParticle2267d ago

This looks like someone took all of high school Zack Snyder's ideas that he thought were too stupid to be in Sucker Punch, and then fused them all into a video game.

Bolts2267d ago

If BF 3 had dinos it would've out sold MW3. Learn from this EA!

sonicsidewinder2267d ago

Patiently waiting for this.

Tribes x Dinos =