Nintendo Mii Characters Surpass 200 Million Globally

The global Mii population is a staggering 213.8 million meaning that if all the Mii characters were to form a country it would have the fifth largest population in the world and would sit above Brazil, Nigeria and Pakistan.Electronic Theatre Image The European Mii population is so large that if it was a country of its own it would be the second largest country in Europe after Germany. Since its launch in 2006, 89.36 million Wii consoles have been sold across the globe.

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Starbucks_Fan2357d ago

I bet over a million of them are either Family Guy characters or Pokemon

SpoonyRedMage2357d ago

haha... I streetpassed a Peter Griffin Mii a couple of months ago.

archemides5182357d ago

10 million michael jackson

GupX19A2357d ago

Is this suppose to be an accomplishment...?

leahcim2357d ago

..and is this some kind of achievement?

Dantheman12357d ago

This is why Nintendo are filled full of WIN

El_Barto2357d ago

That's a spicy meatball!

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