8BitBot: Possibilities of the VGA's Special PS3 Exclusive

"Over the course of the last week or so there have been major rumblings and conjecture about the VGAs for one reason, and it’s got nothing to do with any actual awards. The hype train has been at full speed thanks to a billboard announcing that there will be a “PS3 exclusive you won’t believe”; followed by the gushings of Geoff Keighley. Well we’ve seen this countless times before from just about all corners and in most cases it’s always led to a disappointment no-one could believe. Regardless 8BitBot decided to take a look at the potential options as well as what’s being said out there by the gamers."

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dcortz20272238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it's really hard not to. GTA V revealed as a PS3 exclusive would be huge. Half-Life 3 PS3 console exclusive would be too! We will see this Saturday.

Micro_Sony2238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

I am not disagreeing with you and I agree that the cell and blu ray would really make these games huge if they were PS3 only but I really dont see why R* or Valve would cut off the 360 and Wii U when they would make triple the money if they releasd those games on multiple platforms. Also I do not see Sony paying those developers millions of dollars to keep those games exclusive.

Yeah developers make games becuase they love to do it but in the end the day the business goal is to make money.

What my number 1 wish is that MGS5 is developed for the PC and ported to consoles.

Edit: Good point Perjoss - I always keep getting sucked into the hype that PS3 is much more powerful than the 360 when infact the only thing that really matters is RAM and Skyrim and BF are proof of that.

Perjoss2238d ago

For a massive next gen open world game you either need large amounts of ram (to store many textures and model meshes) or a fast transfer from the disc. I don't think the PS3 has either of those features. Unless you install 40+ gigs onto the hard drive, which will take forever, seriously, GT5 took 1 hour and 20 mins for just 11 gigs install.

And when I say next gen massive open world I'm talking beyond stuff like Red Dead, GTA4 and Skyrim, because we can already do those.

PhantomTommy2238d ago

Half-Life 3 will NOT be a console exclusive, what could Valve possibly gain from making it a PS3 exclusive?

MarioAna2238d ago

I think it's fair to assume that in today's gaming world "exclusive" (at least from the marketer's point of view) means 1 of the consoles regardless of it being on PC as well. As that still gives one console manufacturer a big-up over another. Exclusives only make sense when a dev is 1st party or when they have been paid a ton to be so. Valve could only gain if Sony are paying them.

Half-Life 2 didn't sell much on the original Xbox but it sold over 1.5 million in The Orange Box on the 360. So sales were good and for Sony to have bought exclusive rights to the console release they must have paid a ton, which isn't something Sony does really.

HL sales on PC were amazing so i'm 100% whichever console(s) get it, PC will definitely be getting it too.

led10902238d ago

If half life 3 is a ps3 exclusive, there's gonna be a lot of disgruntled PC gamers, and when i say a lot, i mean too many. Half life is the series because of which steam is this popular, cause that is what gave valve so much of its fanbase, which happens to touch the 30 million mark. And if they are not releasing HL3 for PC, just imagine the furor!!!!

Fishy Fingers2238d ago

Why even entertain the idea. HL3 will not be a console exclusive. It's likely to not even see this generation of console.

MasterCornholio2238d ago

Im not expecting to see Half Life 3 in this generation of consoles. And when valve releases it for the PS4 it won't be an exclusive because most of what they sell is bought by PC gamers. I guessing they will do another portal 2 with Half Life 3 which means offer something for free with the PS4 version.


DonaldBeck2238d ago

fallout old world blues. 100%.

Drekken2238d ago

Prepare for Diablo3 PS3 announcement with fully integrated Battlenet2.

Blizzard is working on a console version and we all know how MS is when it comes to 3rd party online services... look at Portal2. We are going to be seeing more of this unless MS wakes up.

D3 for the PS3 & PC... Cross platform play. If this happens I will buy it for PC and PS3 in a heartbeat.

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