Xbox 360 Dashboard Update - A Step In The Wrong Direction

The dashboard update has now been released and has received much critical backlash from fans. Capsule Computers' go in depth as to why the dashboard update was a mistake and step in the wrong direction. Follow the link to see more.

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discordman2563d ago

It is a bit messy. Hopefully we will see some fine tuning down the line.

futurefrog2563d ago

Fingers crossed for that~!

Wikkid6662562d ago

Beta/Preview is actually still going on... and will be for a couple more months. I'm sure there will be a lot fine tuning and apps to come.

thejessbee2563d ago

I was keen to see how it was going to pan out, sad to be disappointed by it..

futurefrog2563d ago

I'm sad too. WAIT YOUR A GIRL!?!?

masterabbott2563d ago

same, i agree with jessbee not very impressed

vishant1012563d ago

Um there are some problems but the problems can be easily fixed later down the line i have faith that the cloud storage size will increase over time and future updates could allow you to change the color of the menu items

futurefrog2563d ago

Lets hope that they do. It sucks otherwise.

Godmars2902563d ago

Didn't they have closed as well as limited public betas? How does it still come out with issues?

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