5 Reasons Not to Make Another Modern Warfare

Okay, so fair journalism being of necessity fair, a counter-article to an earlier one - 5 reasons to not make another Modern Warfare game.

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BioWareShocker2358d ago

I don't think anything will stop them. Maybe in 2 years we'll get another one or wait til next gen but it'll never go away.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2358d ago

Just because the characters are dead does not mean they should'nt make a new one. They can start fresh, Refresh their whole story but keep it in a modern while making that whole makarov, soap, price thing like it never even happened.

Still Reason #6, Reskinned Version of previous version.

TheWolfSage2358d ago

That was the point though; the campaign of any game where they scrapped everything that had already happened and/or forgot about Soap and Price completely would feel dumb. I hate when games or books try to completely replace the main characters of a series to refresh it, and I know a lot of others who feel the same way.

dcortz20272358d ago

No more COD until next gen with a new engine and better graphics. Each new COD game released is worse than the previous one ever since [email protected]

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2358d ago

i dont think it's worse. What i think it got old for you thats all. Even though Cod adds new features the formula still is the same

chanmasta2358d ago

I'll give you one reason.

It's Modern Warfare, which hasn't been good since COD4, IMO of course.

nano882357d ago

thats it man no more cod please thats enough