Gaming Disappointments of 2011 takes a look at some of the games and events that marred an otherwise awesome year for gaming.

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BioWareShocker2330d ago

Duke Nukem Forever Biiiiiig time!

xenophage2330d ago

That was probably the worst game of 2011.

BioWareShocker2330d ago

Sadly that's true and I was hoping it'd be something great lol.

xenophage2330d ago

I think the whole "old shooter" style of gameplay doesn't work with audiences anymore. Bulletstorm (which I quite enjoyed by the way), DNF and Serious Sam 3 all tanked this year.

potedude2330d ago

I didn't think Dragon Age 2 was so bad. Not as good as 1 but still decent enough in it's own right.

Pity about Rage too...