Importance of Story in Video Games

A brief rundown of an issue plaguing current game development.

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PrisonedBeast2447d ago

Totally I am so sick of poor character development. RAGE was a huge offender of this.

Majin-vegeta2447d ago

Yesteryears stories>today's lame stories.

ViralAyatane2447d ago

Agreed. You can't even compare older games to current ones without laughing a little. Yes some of the newer ones look better, but they botch the story and usually aren't as fun.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2447d ago

I love a story with great character development. Uncharted 3 really improved in that part.
Story's are what suck me into the games.

xxxAnubisxxx2446d ago

Story is KING in game development... yet so many devs fail at it.