The Wii U is Not Really New

Original Gamer: "Nearly everyone had a hard time wrapping their heads around the Nintendo Wii U when it made its big debut at E3 back in June. The same question kept being asked over and over again: “Just what the hey are we going to do with this new thing?” As of this writing, we haven’t heard any new information from Nintendo regarding their new system. For now, nearly everybody outside of Nintendo is still scratching their heads."

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blaaah2414d ago

For us consumers, yes it is. I will buy it.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2414d ago

I second that. I have not had a nintendo since the Snes since I stopped liking mario after it went into 3d. I just hope it comes with some great exclusives... Im not Talking Zelda and Mario since I really don't like those games but some new IPs that can compete with the likes of Uncharted and Halo.
Nintendo has to step it up :)

christheredhead2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

The only way I see that happening is if its a 3rd party exclusive, not that im disagreeing with you or anything. I just really doubt nintendo will create those kinds of games. Not something I really see them doing. If its a new IP its probably gonna fall in line with their style they've accustomed to for many years.

Im ready for them to put it out on the market though. Cant wait to pick it up and see how it actually functions.

ChickeyCantor2413d ago

" Nintendo has to step it up :)"

In that regard Sony and MS need to "step it down"?
I mean Sony and MS have great exclusives, and bring great experiences, they just don't have the same feel as Nintendo does.
( and please don't tell me little big planet ... is one of those games...just don't ).

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2413d ago

@Sidar Of course Xbox and Ps3 exclusives have a differnt feel. Nintendo always go for a light hearted game in terms of graphics and storytelling and I like intensity and explosions.

rexbolt2413d ago

1 halo sucks its a floaty pice of trash 2 i perfer zelda over uncharted im not ound of 5 hour games that cost 60 dollers

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Megaman_nerd2414d ago

i think this is when someone comes and say: "have you even read the article?". ;)

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2413d ago

I've read it but Obviously I was replying to "Blaaah"

zero_cool2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Tablet gaming isn't new but having physical buttons on a tablet device i'll give you that but apple has covered every other way of using a tablet interface for multi media use!

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

Venox20082414d ago

It is a new console.. it's like a leap from PS2 to PS3

Wii => Wii U.. I don't care how much of you'll say that hardware is outdated or not, all I want to play new Ninty's products as long as I can, as long as they'll be made with quality.. + I love new controller and good that I can play old Wii games too, because there are lots of great games, so I could sell my old wii and keep some games from old console + support of old controllers is great too.. :)

2414d ago
stragomccloud2413d ago

The article was just about the interface being similar to the 3DS. I think only idiotic fanboys don't believe this is a true generational leap. Heck, it's a generational leap from PS3, but there is so much fanboyism here on N4G that the PS360 crowd won't admit it. And will likely give me many disagrees. Or they will be replying by saying that the Wii U is based off 2 year old hardware, when most consoles run off of outdated hardware to begin with. With the exception of the cell processor that was actually pretty new.

matey2414d ago

This is to Stolensoul your comment is silly you think Unchartered a 9 million franchise can compete with Zelda or Mario your not very clued up m8 mario is a point billion franchise and Zelda is the most critically aclaimed adventure game of all time get a life when these games go HD its all over 4 Unchartered look Skyward sword is better and thats on Wii in other words moderate hardware the Zelda tech demo is what you call character movements and real Full HD 1080p Native graphics.

majiebeast2413d ago

Skyward sword is a joke and reviewers always go easy on zelda like they did with twillight princess.

stragomccloud2413d ago

When people already have a preformed idea in their head before trying something, of course they won't enjoy it. Skyward Sword is my best gaming experience of the year. And I've been playing Skyrim/Uncharted at the same time. Take it easy young'on. One day you'll learn, that cartoony/simple fun isn't a bad thing. It's the engaging environmental/level designs and the creative types of gameplay that make Zelda so compelling. So, reviewers aren't going easy on Zelda games. You are simply being to strict, and my guess is that it's because you are perhaps incapable of enjoying a game from this generation that is not in HD. So, I really feel sorry that you can't enjoy such an amazing experience.

burgerman2414d ago

As soon as I saw this thing I thought of Four Swords and GBA connectivity.

Megaman_nerd2414d ago

me too! =p

but I hated that crap.... And FF Crystal Chronicles too. =|

dcortz20272414d ago

Typical Nintendo. The Wii U is nothing more than an HD Wii. Nothing else.

Megaman_nerd2414d ago

the controller is an iPAD with 2 analog sticks and people are gonna buy it like crazy. I mean, people buy tablets and those are freaking useless!

Chidori2414d ago

So what the hell is the ps3 to the ps2 and the 360 to the original xbox?

The controller is also brand new to console gaming, nothing the gaming world has ever seen before, while Sony has had the same controller for the past 18 years. All they've been doing is upgrading the power of the system, so I fail to see any logic in your statement.

ninjahunter2413d ago

Even though the console clearly says its going to be an HD 3DS...

stragomccloud2413d ago

It's a "U" Wii! Not an "HD" Wii. It's different because the letters are! :P

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