Xbox boss confident of holiday win

In July, Don Mattrick came off an 18-month sabbatical to take the helm at Microsoft games. To say things were a bit rocky for the Xbox 360 makers would be an understatement.

As the rest of the games industry was gearing up for E3, the company put out a public mea culpa about its Xbox 360 hardware failures. To pay for the extended warranties on the consoles, Microsoft announced that it would take a $1 billion hit against quarterly earnings. Before the month was out, Peter Moore, the head of Microsoft games, would resign to take the top spot at EA Sports.

But as Microsoft heads into the holiday season, Mattrick says he feels that the company has rebounded just fine from the summer's bit of bad press – and is poised to trump the competition this holiday season.

"On a price-per-value basis, I think we win…relative to Sony and Nintendo," he says. "Of course, I'm biased, given the role that I'm in, but if I really think about it using my consumer instincts and the experience that I've had, this is the best blend of performance, price, online and games – by far."

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AngryTypingGuy3941d ago

You two sound like a bad Clint Eastwood movie. Time to update your cliche catchphrases.

solar3942d ago

stripes make anyone look thin.

mighty_douche3942d ago

"obviously the wii will pi55 on us this christmas, im hoping they have real shortage problems! oh and the ps3, well their sales are beginning to pick up now which is got me a bit worried and with their game line up in 2008 i wouldnt be surprised if im looking for a new job this time next year"

Riiiiiiiidge Raaacer3942d ago

this guy talks jobby PS3 is so poerful i can use power of 4d to travel bak in time

Coffin873942d ago

rooofl :)
a comment as i like it *G*

BIoodmask3942d ago

for starting price point at $280, and games catalogue the 360 is a pretty good deal.

The games library is the largest out of all the next gen consoles bc the 360 has obviously been out the longest. You can get a lot of quality titles for bargain prices bc a lot of of the older titles are reduced now bc they have been out over a year.

tethered3942d ago

That is the exact reason I am getting the 360 right now.
Because of the great exclusive games I can pick up for really cheap right now.

I would get the Arcade model because I don't plan on paying for online play but, if I'm not mistaken, you have to have a hard drive to be able to download demos and other things from Live for free. Therefore I will be getting the 20 GB model for $350.

This in no way means I am abandoning the PS3. I will continue to play online with that but to miss out on some great games because of brand loyalty is just silly to me.

And yes, that goes for both sides.

CrazzyMan3942d ago

BC is not working on x360 without HDD, is it?

jorellpogi3942d ago

How can you play the exclusive games when your XBOX360 is dead???

ukilnme3942d ago

It has a 3 year warranty. Send it in during that period. After the 3 years is over.........

Lex Luthor3942d ago

You can always buy the HDD at a later date and have BC. Whereas with the 40GB ps3 you have no chance of BC no matter what you do.

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HarryEtTubMan3942d ago

Yea maybe in America but I really think this is the last season the 360 will be selling better than the competition in NA. We will have to wait and see but the other consoles are beginning to offer very good things now. 2008 will be different looking and they are already losing everywhere else to both consoles.

Riiiiiiiidge Raaacer3942d ago

bubbles 4 yu my ps3 brother amen 360 suxors

ElementX3942d ago

The only thing that suxors is your grammar.

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