Gamers can reduce tech clutter with 3-in-1 Cideko controller

CompuExpert has announced the Cideko Air Keyboard Conqueror, a wireless keyboard integrated with a gyro mouse and wireless customizable gamepad, making it a good all-in-one solution for home theater PCs and gaming on your PlayStation 3.

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TheSoundDefense1938d ago

"With an effective range of up to 33 Feet, the Air Keyboard Conqueror lets you pay the pizza guy without putting down the controller and risk getting pwned by your buddies."

I want to meet the man who can effectively play games one-handed. Also, that looks like it might not be the most comfortable.

SactoGamer1938d ago

Then you'd probably be meeting a Second Life player.

1937d ago
DirtyLary1937d ago

My local news website on a gaming news portal. Odd.

Tuxmask551937d ago

Apparently, they've had their own gaming section for a few years now.