Top Films to Arrive in Canadian Xbox 360 Consoles this Holiday

Following the huge success of Xbox LIVE Marketplace Video Store in the US, where it has changed the way Xbox 360 owners view and enjoy high-definition movies, Microsoft® today announced that Xbox LIVE Marketplace Video Store will open for business in Canada on December 11th, 2007.

Canadian Xbox 360 owners will be able to rent full-length films such as Ocean's 13, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, License to Wed and 300 for as little as 310 Microsoft Points for Standard Definition movies and from 460 Microsoft Points for High Definition movies.

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Yuprules3883d ago

It's about time! Took so long for us to have rentals on the 360.

I Call 9MM3882d ago

Nice. Too bad Microsoft still overcharges us canadians for points over the USA. $15.50 for 1000 points, when our dollar is worth more then theirs and their points only cost 12.50 for 1000. That makes our points to theirs cost relatievely 1.296 times more. No thanks for now.