Infinity Blade II Review (Crush Frag Destroy)

CFD!'s Rob Rich reviews the sequel to Chair's iOS hit:

"It feels like it was only yesterday when I reviewed the first Infinity Blade. At the time it was (and still is) one of the games iOS users could show off to friends that would legitimately make them jealous. Now here we are, roughly a year later, and Infinity Blade II has just been released on a semi-suspecting public. Is it just more of the same? Or does it take the franchise to a whole new level of awesome?

"Well, why can’t it do both?"

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LouisGarcia2327d ago

I need to upgrade my phone ASAP.

NagaSotuva2327d ago

What's wrong with a little cock tease at the end?

THR1LLHOUSE2327d ago

I'm really excited to get into this one...I played the hell out of the first game, but that was back in a time of my life I call "Pre-Skyrim."

And the first game kinda had a bizarro tease at the end that they did nothing with too, right? I won't spoil it here, cause it was nutso.

ShadowPraxis2327d ago

Yeah I started but never finished the first one. Should probably get around to that, I suppose...

SybaRat2327d ago

Maybe it's me, but any game with "infinity" in the title should never, ever end.

RobsteinOne2327d ago

Well the story technically ends, but the idea is that you can practically PLAY for ever. Or at least for a very, very long time.

acronkyoung2327d ago

These games make me want to get a smart phone.

ShadowPraxis2327d ago

Kinda surprised you don't have one already.

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