SEGA announces Samurai & Dragons

Check out the first scans of SEGA's new game, Samurai & Dragons.

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Optical_Matrix2448d ago

Dark Sniper. I lamented your absence.

tiffac0082448d ago

I wish Sega would confirm a localization for VC3 and a revival of their old franchises like Sakura Taisen, Shenmue, Panzer Dragoon and Skies of Arcadia. :/

Micro_Sony2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

MS is working on a new Panzer Dragoon for Kinect code name project draco.

tiffac0082448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Oh I thought that wasn't Sega but from the creator of Panzer Dragoon only. Good to know the franchise is still alive.

Now if they would only do the same to the Panzer Dragoon RPG.