WorthPlaying reviews Kane & Lynch: 'Nobody got fired because of this review'

The best way to describe Kane & Lynch: Dead Men would be "Ocean's 11" covered with a Gears of War sauce, but in the case of Kane & Lynch, this is not two great tastes that go great together.

With frustrating, glitchy gameplay, lackluster and boring graphics, and perhaps the least likable cast in video game history, it's difficult to recommend Kane & Lynch over the many similar, but better titles currently on the market. Even a unique multiplayer mode does little to salvage the title, and the lack of online co-op shoots its biggest feature in the foot. Unless you're absolutely dying for a game to play with a friend and have already exhausted Halo and Gears of War, Kane & Lynch is one partnership in which you don't want to take part.

PS3 and X360 score: 6.0/10

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YoMeViet3881d ago

Not even worth playing by the "worthplaying" guys.

Method3881d ago

Well apparently they did have to play it, way to go reviewers; taking one for the team!

chasegamez3881d ago

it looks like a ps2 game

SL1M DADDY3881d ago


Not only are they using an old game engine that looks more like a PS2 game but the plot and machanics suck. The game gets what it deserves...

Relientk773881d ago

"WorthPlaying reviews Kane & Lynch: 'Nobody got fired because of this review'"

lol thats awesome

Komrad3881d ago

I would think if that was the case then we're in for a slew of mediocre games from eidos, unless of course you fire the guys that made this awesome game with awesome controls... and i mean 'awesome' as in suck arse.

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